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Bruce Mathieson The youngest person to be made President of the Rotary Club of Kerikeri was installed at a ceremony at the Kerikeri RSA on Saturday night. Bruce Mathieson (36), an investment advisor at Craigs Investment Partners in Kerikeri, promised a year of change with a focus on local projects.

He said the 37-strong club was one of the most active and healthy in the region but that he wanted to encourage more professionals and parents of young families to join its ranks. For this to happen the club would need to evolve and adapt.

“We’re looking at a heap of new membership options,” Mathieson said, “from introducing ‘couples’ membership through to adding breakfast or lunch gatherings to our existing meetings format.

“Rotary is an important part of the fabric of our community but for this to continue we need to remain relevant to, and in touch with, all parts of our community. The Rotary International slogan is ‘People like you and me’ but for this to mean anything a much more diverse membership base is vital.”

One of the local projects the club is considering becoming involved with is a drive to equip lower-decile but Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB)-connected schools across the mid-North with Chromebooks, a type of laptop which facilitates learning.

“This is typical of the type of local project I’d like the club to focus on during my 12 months as President,” Mathieson said.

The club recently ran an advertisement in local newspapers thanking the community for taking part in its fund-raising events, including the New World Kerikeri Rotary Garden Safari and the Craigs Northern Crossing, and encouraging community-minded people to get in touch if they felt they’d like to become members. The email address to use is





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