One of our members sourced and secured a $130,000 grant from Rotary International, enabling a Far North education trust to expand a revolutionary internet-based teaching system across the region. The initiative, led by the Kaikohekohe Educational Trust, seeks to improve academic results and reduce truancy. It gives children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to embrace the wealth of learning resources available on the Internet and to learn anywhere, any time and at any pace. At its heart is the concept of learning by sharing, something the internet has made much more possible than before. The Rotary Club of Kerikeri administers this grant on behalf of Rotary International.

Our Dictionaries for Schools programme is perhaps the best-known example of our work in this area. Through this we distribute dictionaries to every pupil in every Mid North primary school, with 238 being distributed in 2021, and a similar number has been purchased to do this in 2022.

We recognise achievement, sponsoring the Dux awards at Kerikeri High School and Okaihau College and the Colleen House (Food Technology) Award at Okaihau College. And we’re enthusiastic backers of the peer support programmes at both Kerikeri High School and Okaihau College

We help select and support Mid North students to attend academic events that are useful to their career planning and further education. These include the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum at Auckland University

We also support the kids of our community through a wide range of leadership programmes.

Each year the club sponsors at least 2 young leaders to attend the week long Rotary Youth  Leadership Academy – RYLA.


My wife and I moved to Kerikeri in 2016. I had been a member of Rotary in Christchurch for 20 years and so, not knowing anyone in Kerikeri, it was the logical move to join the Kerikeri RC. This instantly gave us a good sized group of friends who made us welcome.

Neil Blanchfield, Rotary Club of Kerikeri

I enjoy being part of a group of like-minded people who work hard to improve our community in lots of different ways; from funding youth exchange visits through to sponsoring children to attend science fairs, and everything in between.

Ian Faulkner, Rotary Club of Kerikeri

I wanted to become involved with a community organisation. Rotary ticked all the boxes: fellowship, leadership, contribution to both local and international communities – and totally different to my day job.

Vicki Douglas, Rotary Club of Kerikeri

The fellowship of Rotary is hugely rewarding. My favourite project is the Rotary International Youth Exchange, particularly accompanying these young people on their South Island Safari.

Bruce Burling, Rotary Club of Kerikeri

I joined Rotary because the Kerikeri club’s fund-raisers are always so much fun to be involved in. Rotary’s big on flexibility these days and that’s important because family and work always have to come first and second.

Alison Lemon, Rotary Club of Kerikeri

I joined Rotary when I was in my 20s and have benefitted both in business and socially from being an active member. I’ve made many lifelong friends through membership.

Dale Simkin, Rotary Club of Kerikeri

Rotary to me is about working with like-minded people who want to give something, either big or small, back to this wonderful community.

Bill Frazerhurst, Rotary Club of Kerikeri

The Rotary Club of Kerikeri is a very well-established club. It  provides the opportunity  to contribute to our community in many ways I could not otherwise have imagined.

Dawn Laurenson, Rotary Club of Kerikeri

I joined the Rotary Club of Kerikeri 30 years ago to contribute to our communities, both local and international, and to have fun while doing it. The same motivation exists today.

Doug Galbraith, Rotary Club of Kerikeri