What We Do

Rotarians are people like you and me. There are no secret handshakes. No rituals or clandestine get-togethers in the wee hours. We’re just a bunch of normal Kiwi men and women united by a common desire to put something back into the place we call home.

In other words, we’re here to serve and develop our town and our region. And to have fun doing so. Our projects all involve the development, in one way or another, of our community and our young people.

While our local community is our focus we also spend time on international community projects designed to make the world a better place for some of our neighbours, particularly those in the Pacific.

The projects we become involved with are decided by the heads of the Club’s various working groups and endorsed by our Board. For some projects our involvement is a matter of funding, while for others it’s about pitching in with good honest hard work to make something happen or to bring a plan off the drawing board and into existence.

Our members aren’t required to fund any of our work from their own pockets. The money we spend is raised from the community. What we contribute is our time, expertise, planning capabilities and, in some cases, our blood, sweat and tears.

Occasionally we are able to bring to bear the considerable resources of Rotary International for the benefit of local projects.

For a full list of projects we were involved in last year, click here.


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